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Clark Memorial Bench

Donated to the city of Alameda in 1920 by Park Avenue resident Isabella Derby Clark, this concrete bench was designed by Myrtle Maillot. Mrs. Clark was a proponent of animal welfare. The inscription, “In Memory of My Dumb Friends” is a reference to animals and their inability to speak. A pet watering fountain was originally attached to the bench’s east side. The bench was damaged when a palm tree fell on it during a 2013 storm. Citizens, in cooperation with city officials and non-profit organizations, raised funds to repair and restore the bench and to place a street lamp at the site. Poet, songwriter, and lead singer of The Doors, James Douglas “Jim” Morrison (1943-1971) was a frequent visitor to the bench while a student at Alameda High School.

Dedicated October 22, 2016

Paul Lapachet

Grand President

Native Sons of the Golden West

Halcyon - Alameda #47


Close-up of the inscription CC BY 4.0 1st Jul 2017
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1101 Park Avenue West, Alameda, CA 94501, United States of America
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