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Honouring, with love and pride, Sam Edwards, who was tragically taken from us on the 25th September 2001 age 14
He will always be remembered for his amazing smile and infectious laugh. His endless energy and enthusiasm for life.
His family and many friends have donated this tribute to him. In return for the love he gave to all around him.
He touched the lives of so many when he reached out in friendship and live. His life really did make a difference.

A poem for Sam.
We shall remember you for as long
as there are stars above
and moonbeams on the sea
and just as long as there are songs
of love and memory
We shall remember you today
and dream of you tonight
and look for you tomorrow when
the sun begins to light.
Whatever season, month or your,
this much will be the same.
The only sound of joy will be
the mention of your name.
We shall remember you for as long
as there are earth and sky
and all eternity
may take to say goodbye.

Close-up of the inscription CC BY-SA 2.0 30th Apr 2019
FUJIFILM FinePix A820  β„… geograph.org.uk
Rye, Sedgemoor TA7 8BZ, United Kingdom
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