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Simon Crane Wheeler
19th September 1944 - 25th June 2013

I Am There

Look for me when the tide is high
And the gulls are wheeling overhead
When the autumn wind sweeps the cloudy sky
And one by one the leaves are shed
Look for me when the trees are bare
And the stars are bright in the frosty sky
When the morning mist hangs in the air
And shorter darker days pass by.
I am there, where the river flows
And salmon leap to a sliver moon
Where the insects hum and the tall grass grows
And the sunlight warms the afternoon
I am there in the busy street
I take your hand in the city square
In the market place where people meet
In your quiet room - I am there
I am the love you cannot see
And all I ask is look for me.

Long shot of the bench Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike 7th Aug 2017
Huawei Nexus 6P 
Marina, 27 Scarlett Road, Castletown IM9 1NS, Isle of Man
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