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  1. In loving memory of a gentle, caring man Arthur Joseph Tisdall 16th. Nov. 1923 to 30th. Apr. 1982
    Location: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Thorn Avenue, London, United Kingdom

  2. In memory of a family who loved this park
    Location: Channing School for Girls Junior, Highgate Hill, London, United Kingdom

  3. In loving memory of Harold James Cooper Husband and father who loved to walk on the heath With love 1923 - 1994 Also in memory of beloved wife and mother Maria Cooper 1925 - 1997
    Location: Hampstead Mixed Bathing Pond, South Hill Park Gardens, Belsize Park, London Borough of Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

  4. For my wife Juliet 1968 - 2011
    Location: Mayfield Lavender Farm, Mayfield Lavender Car Park, Carshalton Road, London, United Kingdom

  5. In loving memory of Nicola Murray, who enjoyed coming here for sun, walks and squirrel therapy.
    Location: Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, London, United Kingdom

  6. In gratitude for the joy of this magnificent riverside Jane Holland 1921 ~ 2004 Lost in the Asian Tsunami
    Location: Maki & Bowl, 1 Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom

  7. Reasons to be cheerful
    Location: Pembroke Lodge Gardens, Queens Road, London, United Kingdom

  8. In loving memory of George Gardner (1893 - 1974) Who worked in these gardens for 33 years
    Location: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Brentford High Street, London, United Kingdom

  9. In Honoured and Loving Memory of Michael Bertram Wingate Pope Who Died on 22nd March 2006 Aged 75 Donated by His Friends and Family
    Location: Tall Trees, South Hill Avenue, London, United Kingdom

  10. In memory of Jennie Evans 1923 - 2000
    Location: Avenue, London, United Kingdom

  11. In loving memory of my darling mother Rachel Bray Never forgotten by her son Benjamin Died January 13th 1929
    Location: RAF Benevolent Fund, Park Crescent, East Marylebone, Camden Town, United Kingdom

  12. In loving memory of BDR JT (Joe) Connolly 12th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery Some never grew old, others not old enough
    Location: Canada Memorial, Constitution Hill, London, United Kingdom

  13. In memory of Pat Valler "Thank you"
    Location: Chaplin Road, Harrow Road, London, United Kingdom

  14. In Loving Memory Of Victor Karkera 1929 - 1996
    Location: Thames Side, Spelthorne, United Kingdom

  15. In Memory of Jeannie Jones 1945 - 2007 from friends and neighbours
    Location: unnamed road, London, United Kingdom

  16. "If I don't do it, Somebody else will" Peter Cliff Journalist 1943 - 1992
    Location: Stone of Free Speech, Brookfield, Holly Lodge Estate, Dartmouth Park, London Borough of Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

  17. Memorial to the unknown husband Often imagined. Much desired. Never found. Artwork by Elizabeth Croft. www.elizabethcroft.net
    Location: Jubilee Walkway, The Queen's Walk, South Bank, London, United Kingdom

  18. In memory of Len Batt 1917-2004 Who loved this windmill
    Location: Upminster Windmill Field, unnamed road, London, United Kingdom

  19. James Wilson 1978 - 1995 Place to remember for his family and friends
    Location: Sandy Road, North End, London, United Kingdom

  20. To commemorate the spirit that existed between all branches of the Civil Defence Services of Enfield 1935-1945 And to the memory of the two wardens of Area D who at this place gave their lives
    Location: 282, 284 Willow Road, London, United Kingdom