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  1. In loving memory of Oliver Gerred Darlington (18.09.06 - 03.01.20) From your family and friends at Downley Dynamos JFC. Forever our teammate up in the stars
    Location: Pedestal Garage, Cookshall Lane, High Wycombe HP12 4AL, United Kingdom

  2. In loving memory of Sylvia and Michael Storey who woke every day to this view and lived at the heart of Piddington village life
    Location: Old Oxford Road, West Wycombe HP14 3BH, United Kingdom

  3. Professor Thomas Stapleton Helped improve the health of children around the world 1920-2007 托马斯斯坦普莱顿 教授 帮助增进全球儿童健康 1920-2007
    Location: The Row, Lane End HP14 3JU, United Kingdom