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  1. "A LOVE THAT FORGIVES" The Sermon Maruee Proclaimed at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama on September 15. 1963. A seeming usual Sunday. However on this day at 10:22 am. Four young girls; three 14 year olds and one 11 year old were murdered by a bomb planted by members of the Ku Klux Klan. A fifth girl, a survivor, was blinded in her right eye. Two young boys were also murdered that day in two different locations in the city, six children lost, all in a single Sunday — a day that moved the conscience of our United States The Four Spirits Cynthia D. Morris Wesley Murdered Girl Scout, loved reading Sang in the choir, ushered in the church, played piano and clarinet, loved dogs, aspired to be a teacher like her parents. born: April 30, 1949 Denise McNair Murdered Denise wanted to work in the field of social justice born: November 17, 1951 Addie Mae Collins Murdered Loved sports, softball was her favorite, enjoyed helping others born: April 18, 1949 Carole Rosamond Robertson Murdered Girl Scout, straight A student, school band, science club, Jack & Jill of America member born: April 24, 1949 Virgil Ware Murdered While riding on the handle bars as his brother, James Ware, pedaled born: December 6, 1949 Johnny Robinson murdered Shot in his back while leaving a chaotic group of youths by a Birmingham police man born: 1947 Sarah Collins Survivor: 5th child Sarah was found wandering among the concrete stairs, she was blinded in her right eye
    Location: Smithfield, Birmingham, AL, United States of America

  2. In Memory Of Sandra 1958–2015
    Location: British Grove, London W4 2NL, United Kingdom

    Location: The David Welch Winter Garden, Murray Terrace, Aberdeen AB11 7SD, United Kingdom

  4. 1986-JAMES ANDREW BRINDLEY-2014 (BRIN) When I’m gone all that will be left of me is love Turn off your mind relax and float downstream
    Location: Common Lane, Stafford ST3 7NE, United Kingdom

    Location: Southside, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

  6. Dedicated to the Senior Citizens of St Helena 15th June 2020 World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD)
    Location: Ann's Place, Main Street, Jamestown 115, Saint Helena, United Kingdom

  7. In Loving Memory of the 'Legend' that is Frederick Lewis Dark 1950-2019 ♥️
    Location: Eastleigh Bandstand, Romsey Road, Eastleigh SO50 9AL, United Kingdom

  8. Lucy Christine Adams 8th March 2004 ~ 23rd March 2006 Heaven's no longer missing an angel but we are all missing ours All our love forever and ever Mummy, Daddy, Family and Friends x x x x
    Location: Lyefield Road, Worle, BS22 9PD, United Kingdom